How to Stop and Smell The Flowers

A habit that I have become accustomed to. Reaping benefits of my situation only to find a mistake in the blueprint. Three swift rips and a shredded blueprint that makes me feel like I wasted too much time.

A fresh sheet of paper. Blank and promising. My eyes become bright as I arrange my best pens to create the blueprint that will fill every void and give me an unrelenting sense of accomplishment.

The perfect blueprint turned sour as I hold it in my hands and ask myself; what now? Is this the end of my creation and the point in time where I will stop to smell the flowers and enjoy the fruits of my labour? But what then? How long should I enjoy? Shall I enjoy until my creation is a memory? Or should I view my creations in small doses as to not become so engulfed that it can never become dull?

You’re forgetting the moment again. How rare that you stay focused on one project long enough for it to become a piece of artwork and not some indecisive scribbles on a page. The truth is that constantly starting over will not ease the pain of every situation or create the liquid love that is needed to melt the ice that surrounds your aura. Only love can do this. And to find love you must look in the moment for there is nothing else. When will you see that every dissatisfaction that crosses you is not made to destroy you or even to build you?

When you ask me why the chicken crossed the road I will tell you that I don’t care. I watched it cross the road but it never occurred to me to ask why. It was never my concern. My concern was that I have been at this crossroads for so long that I just watched a chicken cross the road.

Usually the first decision you come up with is the decision that would be the most beneficial for you. Surely your intuition and the power of now could never lie to you concerning any matter, whether trivial or not. Make a decision. Forget the scales. Live your truth.