A Day of Dreams

There is no greater joy than waking up to a room filled with sunshine on a day which will not be interrupted with life’s responsibilities.

My day begins in a box of nothing, illuminated by sheer curtains and white walls. The sun is my motivation in life. I walk over to the balcony and open the double doors to a warm breeze that smells like home. I close my eyes as the sun warms my tanned skin. The life I have always imagined has arrived in the most appropriate timing. Giving myself timelines was never my thing. I knew everything would work out and to worry about when it should happen only prolonged the process.

I walk inside to begin my morning routine consisting of skin care and caffeine. I set my phone to my favourite playlist. ‘Beach Vibes’. The most appropriate name for the soundtrack to my life. I return to the balcony with a cup of black coffee and my journal. The perfect scene to document in bright pink ink. My mind has always preferred pens over keyboards.

I am reminded of the times that I dreamed of a day like this. I would be able to feel the sensations that would go along with this day. Everything is even more vibrant than I could’ve imagined it.

As you write your story, remember that the more energy you pour into negative ones, the more you will attract. I decided that it was in my best interest to write about the life I want rather than the life I had.